Why I chose PandaDoc and why culture matters to me

Work culture is so important, it's the framework that establishes how you perform and enjoy your job. As companies grow, culture is something that can easily be lost and microcultures grow within departments and teams and exclusion starts. I have been lucky enough to work in companies that have fantastic cultures but also others that had microcultures that left me feeling excluded and disliking the job. 

After working in Big tech companies and scaling startups I knew I wanted my next role to be in a bit smaller company where people and culture are top priority. When I came across PandaDoc you could instantly see that they are a successful startup that emphasised on culture and wellbeing. Of course this sounds amazing but it's easy for companies to put this as a front. It was when I started talking to the recruitment team I got an opportunity to see how this culture frames day to day work and the people they hire. Every interaction I had with the team was so open and welcoming and of course led me to working here now!

Even though PandaDoc has gone through massive growth over the past 2 years (over 200%) they have mastered the art of culture and keeping it alive and everyone engaged. I am classed as a digital Nomad and the only employee based in the UK and was worried about how connected I would feel to the company but I now realise that was a silly idea to have. I am able to feel so included in the company and my team even though we cross multiple time zones with the added benefit of everyone respecting work life balance. 

Learning is emphasised every day at PandaDoc because we as a company are still learning. Nothing will be perfect and that's okay! We are encouraged to fail, encouraged to think big ideas and encouraged to have fun. 

Everything has been designed to be remote first and inclusive. With over 5 offices and hundreds of remote employees all over the world PandaDoc has designed a culture that allows every single person to feel included. Personally I think the key to this being a success is how open and transparent every team at every level is. 

Leanne Talbot
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