What is Bam-Boo?

Bam-Boo is a creation of the PandaDoc team. Think of it as a magnifying glass through which you can see what it's really like to work with us.

We don't care for commissioned articles or meetups for the sake of meetups. Instead, we think there's nothing better than offering the spotlight to our own employees so they can describe and share their true experiences at PandaDoc.

After all, companies should always be about people. And our Pandas certainly have profound stories to tell.

We also get excited about sharing our internal processes to inspire and transform not only our own team, but the worldwide technology field.

The team

Kasia the Panda
Idea and realization headmaster

Sergey the Panda
“Quick and dirty” guru / chief approver

Volodya the Panda
Master of visuals

Maxim the Panda
Layout virtuoso

Charles the Panda
Jedi of Proofreading

Plus all the Pandas who’ve contributed their illustration, translation, and editing skills. Look for their contributions at the foot of each article.

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