Bam-Boo is a creation of the PandaDoc team. Think of it as a magnifying glass through which you can see what it's really like to work with us.


Easy-to-use, PandaDoc lets you create documents and collect eSignatures. This issue focuses on PandaDoc Engineering and Integrations. You'll find spotlights from developers, case studies, and best practices to get an overview of what's coming up in the PD world.

Without Team Leads
Quality Management
Resilient Engineering
Reliability Engineering
Issue #005 - Engineering
Issue #004

Product Growth

Product growth is essential to any IT business, as it helps identify customer needs and design solutions to meet them.

Companies should be aware of their competition and also be diligent in testing their products to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and have a successful launch.
That's why we want to share some of our cases at PandaDoc.

Customer Acquisition Strategy: Unlocking the Power of Document Templates
How PandaDoc Has Grown its Growth Team
Self-service onboarding: the critical part of the product success
How PandaDoc Experiments with Monetization
Issue #003


The company culture at PandaDoc is something we take very seriously. It is extremely rewarding to cultivate a community of employees who are eager to enrich and engage with our culture. While feeling good in this place is itself a success, we also know that a healthy company culture is essential.

PandaDoc Culture: Stronger Than Ever
Celebrating Women in Tech: Beating the Odds and Building Self-Confidence Along the Way
The Evolution of Onboarding at PandaDoc
Cultural fit interviews: how to experiment and measure results
Why I chose PandaDoc and why culture matters to me
Issue #002


In today's increasingly challenging economy, agility — the ability to adapt quickly and effectively — can become a superpower for many businesses.

Nowhere is this more true than in the rapidly evolving tech world, where organizations that know how to embrace change stand a far stronger chance of succeeding than those that simply stand still. In the spirit of rolling with the changes and learning how to adapt wisely, welcome to our new issue focused on agility.

How to run a successful multi-team sprint review
How PandaDoc Pivoted Its Business Model in 24 Hours
What are PandaDoc Offsites and their purpose?
Building Agility on Scale
Issue #001


Welcome to our debut issue! Our goal is to support anyone and everyone looking to gain a foothold in our ever-changing world. We'll offer practical tips on how to organize your business in turbulent times, as well as improve your routines, your performance, and your life in general.

How to Support Employees Affected by War and Crises
Distributed Teams and Home Offices. Work in a New Reality
Recovery and Coming Back to Work
From COVID to War: Organizing Work in Turbulent Times
Bam-Boo Issue 1 Resilience Cover
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